WLPP-LP 102.9 FM The Goddess' Voice of Resistance
WLPP-LP 102.9 FM  The Goddess' Voice of Resistance

Welcome to WLPP-LP 102.9 FM Palenville Community Radio.

WLPP-LP 102.9 FM is licensed to the Maetreum of Cybele in Palenville, NY.  We are a religious non-profit dedicated to community service and our goal is to provide a true community radio station for the entire Palenville community.  Remember when radio stations were locally owned and had programming of and by local people?  We do and that is why this station is on the air.  

We are “The Goddess’ Voice of Resistance” and “Low Power to the People” carrying local news, weather, interests, events and announcements; avant-garde, progressive and locally focused! Please help us to achieve and maintain the kind of radio station that America’s First Artist Colony needs and deserves! 

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